Sunday, April 04, 2010

Tea Party Analysis

This is one of the first reasoned pieces of analysis I've seen from "less than right" sources about the Tea Party movement. There are extremists in any group but failing to realize what a large percentage of the population is cheering the Tea Party on is a mistake.

Elite understanding of the Tea Party movement is a great deal like elite understanding of political movements throughout American history. This doesn't mean that the Tea Party itself is comparable to those other movements. But it does mean that the perception of the tenured and gerrymandered class (and their co-religionists in a consistently mediocre news media) regarding the mass protest of ordinary people continues to be unmistakably lazy, condescending, and reductive.
 More here.

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I like the 'less than right' description of Chris' politics: he's awfully hard to pigeonhole; being more concerned with being accurate than anything else, he's also awfully hard to argue with.
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