Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mr. Redbird is still here

Now that the waters have parted, I was able to get back out to the farm.

I was waiting for a repair person when I kept hearing something bang against the kitchen window. Mr. Redbird is back. Poor little guy is determined- it's like he's taking a running start at it and then sits on the window and tries to figure out why he can't get in. He worked on it for several hours today - even after I went out to chat with him about how he wasn't ever going to get in. I just hope I don't find him dead on the deck - poor little guy.

I finished the BIG project yesterday - just in time to go to dinner and watch fireworks. Today I was able to get quite a bit of work done on a syllabus (or at least course planning) and then this evening was quite productive outside with the weedeater and the sprayer for the weedkiller. I bought a little Black and Decker battery-powered sprayer - it's been great! I'll work outside again in the morning when it's cool. Now that it has quite raining every day, summer really is here.

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