Saturday, September 01, 2007

Saturday Morning

It's Saturday morning, the first of September. While we're all usually more aware of the time when we take time to look at the clocks on our computers, I'm not sure we're always as aware of the dates. I find that more of a challenge lately because too much time seems to slip by too quickly.

My friend and I apparently missed our opportunity to see No Reservations at the first run theater and there are no other movies that interest me. The Bourne movie does but I need to make sure to see all of its predecessors from beginning to end to understand it.

I read someone else's blog entry that relates to a colleagues comment about some of my blog entries that focus so much on weather. I hadn't given much thought to so many places where people live (esp. cities) where weather just isn't a factor. Right now, we're watching the weather not only for storms but for signs that it will finally cool down - which it did significantly for the first time last night - below 60. It's actually cool outside this morning - and I don't just mean a cool breeze in the distance. :-)

Fall may actually be my favorite time of year although I love the winter when there is a good clean snow on the ground - it's like a time of renewal. For most of my live the ebb and flow of the seasons and the academic year have been the guiding factors of the "time" in my life - quite different than the year-round jobs most of the world deals with on a daily basis.

This is a work weekend so that I can take off a few weekdays for a long-postponed family event. It already feels productive, however, which is a good thing.

I'm off to the farmer's market in town. I missed the one in nearby town which had some outstanding fried green tomatoes. Wonder what is left today - so late in the season. I primarily have herbs left in my own garden - a giant basil plant and rosemary that is doing okay plus some sweet banana peppers. I had some outstanding cherry tomatoes but the big tomatoes didn't do their thing this year. As with every year, I either have too much time or not enough time for the garden.

And, more good news, the cit is finally getting serious about the fixing the clogged drainage situation that goes on for about 1/2 mile behind my house and the neighbor's house. A new development behind us just chose to push everything - including large tree trunks - onto our property rather than staying back a few feet and keeping it on their own property. I'm still not understanding why the city can't force the developer to fix the problem he created but he's certainly not scoring any points with the neighbors.

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