Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blog as Therapy

We've spent another day in the ICU waiting room. Noisy children and adults who act like children are making it more difficult than it already is and I am pursuing the "policy card" to get it stopped. Children aren't even supposed to be here, let alone running around, running into people, nor blocking the main route for doctors and patients being moved. Getting the doctors to write notes to let them miss school is also something I don't understand. My cousin who is a nurse said she didn't understand why children were even allowed up here. Let alone noisy disruptive children. It's the most critical ICU unit here.

Dad is doing okay but obviously still not sleeping well. I finally slept 7 hours last night thanks to two benadryl.

We went to mass at St. Mary's. This was where we went as a young family when we lived on the south side of town over here. By the time we went to communion I was crying but it was something I couldn't control and it wasn't a loud cry so not embarrassing. I know I was thinking about Mom's singing and how she hasn't sung in church for quite awhile given the poor condition of her lungs.

We ate lunch at a local family pizza place with a great buffet and so Dad had a meal that tasted good.

Mom is experiencing some clotting in her mouth again so she is still sedated since they can't risk taking out the tube yet.

Molly is spending a great deal of time at the neighbors thank goodness. It's also helping with her fear of men since she's around one regularly.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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Kelly, if there's anything we can do from Pittsburg -- covering meetings, delivering papers, etc -- let me know.

Otherwise, our thoughts are with you and your family.
Thanks, Jonathan. I have most of my teaching responsibilities covered online even for the F2F classes and have asked John to help with advisement since students are already asking.
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