Friday, February 26, 2010

Scary Yesterday

Mom scared us yesterday. We thought she wanted to leave us. We did get the paperwork straightened out on her living will and fixed the communication glitch. By last night, Mom was talking about her inexpensive ring from Paris and then she was saying "Molly THE dog" and I told her I was getting help taking care of her from the neighbor after work and June going by. They did get the breathing tube out but Mom didn't do well just on the nose piece so she had to go to the nose and mouth mask. And it's very uncomfortable.

I went home earlier on Wednesday and had a message that my car title was ready so I went yesterday morning to get it, update the insurance, and go to the tag office. Luckily I found out I didn't have to go to Girard to take care of the tags.

This morning, Dad was able to see her without the mask and talk to her. He said she asking for me. They had a patient issue so the doors were shut when I got here and when I went back the mask was back on. The nurse here last night said we could bring socks and suggested a hairbrush since they only have combs. She did want the socks but they were harder than I thought to put on. And she wanted her hair brushed more than I did initially. Then I let her rest.

Gary Gillum was here when I arrived and took us to lunch at Cracker Barrel. We may go to the Knights of Columbus fish fry tonight - it probably depends on whether or not Dad feels like he can leave or not.

The speech therapist was there when we went in this afternoon. She can't swallow yet without it going into her lungs. They will probably have to put a small tube down her throat for nutrition - that way the rest of her digestive system will still work - and it will help her with her medication. Apparently we're getting close to her moving to her own room but we won't know anything until this afternoon.

And, I've learned not to expect too much.

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