Monday, April 26, 2010


It's another Monday and the end of the semester is near. I made a significant dent in the grading last week - which is definitely a good feeling in light of the dynamics of everything else going on right now. Today is the last time I meet the teaching methods course. One of the students chose to eliminate himself last week. He thought having to work more than an hour and a half a day was a good excuse to get an extension on a class project he's known about for 6 weeks but hasn't started working on. How do you tell a student that it's not unreasonable for a family to expect a senior in college to work more than 1 1/2 hours a day - especially when they are taking more than four years to get their degree?

I'm learning to push back a bit, although I'm getting different reactions from people who don't expect it, it is a better feeling than sinking in to even deeper feelings of being overwhelmed.

Most significantly, I received confirmation that my gut was right that the uninvited guest that arrived less than 24 hours after Mom died from over 2,000 miles away did indeed have an agenda that was not actually meant to help anyone but herself. Mom was right again.

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