Sunday, January 02, 2011

Pretty Woman

I'm watching one of Mom's favorite movies, Pretty Woman.  I haven't gotten done what I wanted to get done today but some unexpected tech challenges as I installed new equipment are the cuprits I am blaming.

Mom loved good movies and I had just helped her buy a laptop with a great display. What I didn't realize was that it was too heavy for her to watch. So, we ordered her a netbook that I did not have time to set up before we lost her. One of the guilt things I am still working on letting go of - obviously! 

Dad and I went through her large collections of tapes. Luckily, the DAV store welcomed those we did not want to keep as we didn't want to throw them away. Someone out there is still watching a vcr, after all. 

On a technology notes, it's interesting how proprietary the physical parts of the media are and that the broadcasting companies are still struggling with handling protecting their "rights" despite the diverse ways we can now access the same content. It will be interesting to see where we are even a year from now. 

And, I wonder what it does to our memory when we have digital copies rather than analog/physical to remind us. I do love my Kindle but I still love books. I just have too many of them. Certainly information overload at its finest. I am still in the process of culling out the books I don't need in my office - and also finding good homes for them. 

I am working in general, but especially at home, at utilizing the storage space I have INSTEAD of filling it up and then working "outside the box" with the end result being too much long-term clutter. I am making gradual progress at home with various spots. Today I cleaned off the last of my desktop computers that I haven't accessed in at least a year I am sure. I was so afraid of losing "something" even though I transferred the docs to an external hard drive. I have several computers of email that are gone forever even though I still have hard copies of some of the very early emails. They were much more manageable in print then but, most importantly, not easily accessible except on the university network. 

Hmmm. More topics for more thought here later.

One of the lessons we did learn is to push Dad to update his computers so we can transfer what they want. That is still a conundrum I am facing given that I can only hope I have retrieved everything vital from Mom's three computers that cannot talk to each other and none of whom have operable sharing/storage CD technology.

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