Saturday, January 01, 2011

January 1

It is the start of a brand new year. A year I totally never expected to be what it already is. The first year on this earth without Mom. But I know mentally she is in a better place but emotionally I miss her like hell. We (Dad and I) are coping as best we respectively can. I am still learning to let myself not feel like all of the responsibility it still on me. But I will get there.

I am already doing better at focusing on one task at a time. Most importantly, I am acknowledging that I cannot do everything all of the time. And, not taking time out to have some fun and be with friends does not make Kelly a fun person to be around. So, I deserve the non-work/non-responsibility parts of life that everyone else enjoys on a regular basis.
I read the papers and presentations that will be part of one session that I chair at one of our annual professional conferences later this week. I chair sessions each of the last two mornings. Of course, I much prefer to present at the beginning of a conference than at the end. But, the timing will allow us to take the direct flights each day and the return flight from Boston is at dinnertime, anyway. It may mean spending the night in KC if we are too tired when we return but, since I can't pick up Molly until the next morning, that will be fine.

I have finished everything I can do for my taxes until the official paperwork starts arriving in the mail later this month. This is definitely the first time I have been this far ahead. And I have a better feel for balancing out my spending this year from the get go. Changing accountants was definitely one of the positives that came out of a tragic situation.
As I reflected today, I wondered if I still want it to be the Christmas season because, as long as it is, it will not be the anniversary of Mom's heart attack, death, and funeral. I am so glad Dad will be gone with friends on a cruise for the final part. And we will get to spend an evening out in Kansas City the night before he leaves on the train. It will give both of us a chance to connect with mom's friends there. Her best one was dealing with our own husband's lengthy illness and ultimate death and was unable to make it. She was and is always so cheerful. We will definitely have  a good time meeting up with her. And, our work with teachers the next day as Dad is already a few states away on the train will be fun - especially with our guest speaker coming in. I hope to stay to do some research the next day at the National Archives - some great records I want to look at.
I should have an easier time this upcoming semester getting in my hours. I am not sure all the people that think they have to know realize I spent more hours than I was supposed to do - primarily by needing to come up on days I did not have office hours. But I have moved from Mon/Wed/Thurs to Mon/Thurs/Fri given that we have department meetings every Friday.

I was getting a good start on my writing a few days ago and will dig in more the next few days before we go on our trip. The only two sessions I have to go to are the ones I am chairing and that is simply all I have to get done.

I imagine there will be some correspondence with Newark on two fronts given that everyone is 'back on duty' on Monday. It will be nice to solidify some things. And, in many ways, tomorrow is a work day for me.

I caught up with some old family friends today and, as a result, Molly has a new canine pal.

I linked my Slideshare account to my LinkedIn account and encouraged my fellow presenters to do so the same.

I am so glad that the university does not start classes again until  AFTER Martin Luther King, Jr's, birthday this year. It just makes sense and gives faculty almost another week to do research/writing.
Happy New Year!

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